Sep 12, 2022 - Nov 20, 2022

Mission: Consciousness: with AJ Roberts

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Welcome to Mission Consciousness: 10 weeks to become your higher self. Over the course of this program you will truly see WHO you are and WHAT you are truly capable of. We will dive deep into you creating lots of inner work on yourself that's going to take you to higher places you never thought you were capable of. Many barriers in your life will simply disappear. Lack of self belief, past trauma, mental and physical triggers. Will simply become a thing of the past as you stand in your new power as your highest and powerful true self! Each week we will work as a collective to forge and create absolute magic. Struggle to get motivated? Tired of the world around you? Fed up of feeling like a wage slave to pay bills? Are you mentally drained from the last couple of years and all the nonsense and fakery? These will be a thing of the past as we as a community will create and embrace a much brighter future in a much higher level of consciousness! If you're looking to explore your the possibilities of drastically improving your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, then Mission Consciousness will take you to your highest self possible!

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AJ Roberts
AJ Roberts



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Mission Consciousness

Mission Consciousness

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